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Fame at last

February 1, 2009

I am published! This article really annoyed me, so I sent a letter into the Guardian, and they published it. I didn’t even think to check yesterday, but my brother texted me this morning to ask if it was me.

Fame at last!


Sue the libraries!

October 18, 2007

There’s an excellent article in today’s Technology Guardian, asking why the likes of the RIAA have not sued public libraries, since they can so easily disseminate digital media. As the author puts it, “they are the institutions which have the longest experience of making copyright goods available fairly to people who have not paid directly for them; and in all the time libraries have been around, no one has come up with a better model”. Right on!

The author, Andrew Brown, goes on to make a case for libraries in general as valuable in the digital age, since they can provide repositories for electronic information, and access to databases such as JSTOR.  Individual access to the likes of JSTOR would be prohibitively expensive; using a library one can gain access for a tiny tax payment. Perhaps in the not-too-distant future libraries (or something like them) will become the hubs for electronic information?

It’s really refreshing to hear libraries talked about in such a positive fashion, and something of an antidote to the doom and gloom that so often is the tone of commentary on the field.