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New badge!

November 5, 2007

Lo-fi has created a badge to support our campaign for law publishers to produce RSS feeds detailing their newly published materials. I have added this badge to my side bar on the left, after a great deal of faffing around with HTML coding. It links through to Binary Law’s open letter to legal publishers calling on them to sort this out quick-sharp.

The pressure mounts- publishers, are you listening?


RSS feeds for law books

October 25, 2007

Lo-fi has just set up a Facebook group for possibly the smallest constituency of Facebook users possible: UK librarians who wish that legal publishers would set up RSS feeds for new publications. Having said this, there are now 11 (count em’!) members.

Joking aside, this is something that legal publishers really need to get to grips with. If Binary Law can manage it by scraping data from a series of spreadsheets provided by the publishers themselves, why can’t the likes of Sweet & Maxwell and LNB, with their presumably enormous IT and information management departments?

I am now a proud member- if you share these sentiments, please join!