May 30, 2008

I had a user called Radgardener leave a comment in my shoutbox. It turned out that  not only was our music compatibility “super”, but that I appeared as one of this user’s musical neighbours.

Not so strange, you might think. Until you find out that… we share a name! Or at least, his name is Neal Stewart. Apparently he’s my Canadian musical doppelganger.

Spooky or what? It’s like we both had entered The Scary Door (warning: those of a fragile disposition should not watch this clip).


2 Responses to “ serendipity”

  1. jennielaw Says:

    Sorry I never got a chance to chat properly, other than tipsy ramblings while escaping the Glitter Bugs!
    Was lovely to actually get to meet you though – now you’re “real” 😀


  2. neilstewart Says:

    Hey Jennie! Great to meet you too, and I’m sure I was just as guilty of drunken rambling!

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