1000 del.icio.us posts!

March 6, 2008

A landmark, of sorts- I just posted my thousandth link to del.icio.us, a service that allows you to save URLs and then refer back to them as and when you need to. As well as this, it allows you to tag things you save, thereby building up a folksonomy.

You can view my links here– they are a real mish-mash of stuff, running the gamut from web tools to libraries to politics to film to sport. For the record, my thousandth post was an interview with Carl Wilson at the AV Club, talking about his new book about Celine Dion in the very good 33 1/3 series, and it was tagged with my most popular tag, music.


2 Responses to “1000 del.icio.us posts!”

  1. Kelly Says:

    Congrats on your 1000th post! Definitely something to be proud of, when you’re constantly trying to find interesting articles to post about. You should check out FixTunes since your most popular tag is music…it helps you fix your mp3 collection so that your music will have the missing album artwork and correct song details. Or check out mixlister and it allows you to post your playlists. I’d be interested in seeing what type of music you like.

  2. neilstewart Says:

    Thanks Kelly. I removed your URLs, since I wasn’t keen on my blog being used for advertising- if people want to look at your sites, they can Google them.

    If you really are interested in my music tastes, my last.fm profile is here.

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