New badge!

November 5, 2007

Lo-fi has created a badge to support our campaign for law publishers to produce RSS feeds detailing their newly published materials. I have added this badge to my side bar on the left, after a great deal of faffing around with HTML coding. It links through to Binary Law’s open letter to legal publishers calling on them to sort this out quick-sharp.

The pressure mounts- publishers, are you listening?


4 Responses to “New badge!”

  1. lo-fi Says:

    Faffing? Have you forgot everything they taught you in those ‘principles of computing’ classes? Tut tut.

  2. neilstewart Says:

    I know, I know! I never did “advanced” web design like some people!

  3. jamespmullan Says:

    I think the publishers are listening, in fact I am meeting with Sweet & Maxwell to dicsuss RSS in the next couple of weeks. I’ll keep you updated.

  4. neilstewart Says:

    Excellent! Give ’em hell!

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