Stag do

October 31, 2007

It was my good friend Tom‘s stag do on Saturday, which I had the pleasure of organising. This involved going bowling at the excellent Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes, where I was repeatedly beaten at the tricky game by Dan (though not by Scott!)

After this, we made our way down to London’s Glamorous Soho, to a Korean restaurant called Ran. We had an excellent 6 course meal, including a meat course during which the waiter fried pork loin and beef strips on the table in front of us.

Our appetites sated, we wandered around Soho for a bit before deciding upon a pub in Kingly Street. By this time, things were getting a little bit hazy, and got more so when those of us still standing went to a rather dubious basement bar off Tottenham Court Rd. Here, we met up with some of our respective other halves, who had been on Tom’s bride-to-be Emma’s hen do. After mistakenly drinking tequila (so easily done!), it was home time via a handily located taxi.

Sunday was a write-off, although Jude & I did manage to make it out for a full English in the morning. I also had a severe case of “bowling arm”. Thank goodness for that extra hour in bed over the weekend.

You can view a photoset of pictures taken by Dan here, which simulates the feel of the day by getting increasingly blurred as time goes on (Warning: photos may contain drunkeness).


2 Responses to “Stag do”

  1. Tom Says:

    Well this gives me a chance to publicly say “Thank you for organising it” : Thank you for organising it.

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