London Libraries & Information Community

October 9, 2007

My colleague Ian has just set up a calendar detailing events of interest to library and information professionals. It is hosted by Vibe Journal, and can be found here. It will hopefully provide information professionals in London a one stop shop to check out events potentially of interest.

Currently it features events from CILIP in London. It is intended that the other large information professional groups in London will also be able to contribute to the calendar, including BIALL and CIG. I’ll be updating events on behalf of CLIG, on whose committee I sit.

A neat solution to a problem I didn’t even realise existed!


9 Responses to “London Libraries & Information Community”

  1. lo-fi Says:

    Not come across Vibe Journal before. Thanks for the tip. I have left a comment asking if they can make the calendar embeddable. That would be really neat.

  2. neilstewart Says:

    Aha, good call! Ian is pretty good with that kind of stuff, so fingers crossed…

  3. jamespmullan Says:

    Neil – I like the look of this, as you suggest there isn’t one place where you can find every event. CILIP goes someway to address this in their events listing but if you don’t receive the CILIP newsletter you will miss this and the listings are primarily CILIP organised events.

  4. neilstewart Says:

    Thanks James! It should be giving equal weighting to all those organisations that want to get involved.

  5. Ian Gardner Says:

    Thanks firstly for the advertisement Neil and secondly for the interest.

    I would certainly hope everyone could be given equal weighting on the site… I am too lazy to do all the work anyway 😉

  6. neilstewart Says:

    Cheers Ian! We now have a link to this on the CLIG site…

  7. John Franssen Says:

    Hi Neil,

    thanks for drawing my attention to this.

    Hi Ian,

    speaking on behalf of the BIALL website, we’d like to link to your calendar. We have an external diary on our site ( and also a diary for BIALL events ( We’d love to add events to your calendar to spread the word!

  8. neilstewart Says:

    Thanks John. I believe fellow BIALL committee man James Mullan has corresponded with Ian about getting this going.

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