A good take on Andrew Keen

September 5, 2007

In a previous post, I castigated Boing Boing for slating internet whipping boy Andrew Keen as a troll, with very little argument to back this assertion up.

Well, Tom Coates of plasticbag.org does the same thing in a blog post, found here. The difference is that whereas Boing Boing engaged in some juvenile name-calling, Coates nails why Keen is indeed a cynical, conservative opportunist troll.

I particularly liked the last few lines on why Keen’s schtick should be dismissed pretty much out of hand:

It’s not an appeal to better standards, it’s not an appeal to quality or tradition. It has no aspirations to honour. It’s disingenuous to the core, manipulative of the people, anti-progressive, cynical and hypocritical.


2 Responses to “A good take on Andrew Keen”

  1. neilstewart Says:

    It seems like Keen is taking over the internet- I’ve read 3 blog posts on him today alone! He’s the new Facebook…

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