Tony Wilson RIP

August 11, 2007

Tony Wilson died yesterday at the all-too-young age of 57, after a year’s battle wirh cancer. He was the driving force behind Manchester’s vibrant music scene over the last 30 years, and was instrumental in fostering some of my all-time favourite bands through the brilliant Factory Records, including Joy Divison, New Order, and the Happy Mondays. Factory also ran the Hacienda nightclub, which did much to bring American house and techno to the UK.

I’m pretty sad about this- rest in peace, Tony. I’m going to memorialise him in a way he would hopefully approve, by going to see a load of cool new bands at the Field Day festival.


2 Responses to “Tony Wilson RIP”

  1. Tim Merrick Says:

    Thanks for showing respect to a wonderful person. Thank goodness we had Tony Wilson

  2. neilstewart Says:

    Cheers Tim. Still feeling sad about this today!

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