June 13, 2007

Here is a truly amazing demo video of a new Microsoft product, Photosynth. The software, if I have understood it right, allows you to pull photos off of sites such as Flickr, and to then create 3D models based on other people’s photo of the same thing. So for example, photos tagged “Tower of London” could be used to build a model of the Tower entirely based on other peoples’ photos, allowing you then to zoom in and out of this model to an almost infinite degree.

Furthermore, using the software allows users uploading photos to immediately access the metadata added by other users, so that for example tagged information about characters or actors in a movie still could be immediately identified by this prior tagging.

As Phil Bradley mentions in his post on this, the copyright implications are immense, as is the further devlopment required, but still, it looks pretty incredible.

(Thanks to Tom for the link)


2 Responses to “Photosynth”

  1. chriswares Says:

    This does look amazing. It could make it possible to browse enormous collections of data visually without the need to click through hyperlinks – it’s a bit like 3D compter screens in The Minority Report. Cool.

  2. neilstewart Says:

    Yes indeed- “timeframe”, as Tom Cruise puts it!

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