Wikis in the workplace

March 21, 2007

I’m currently developing a wiki for use in our library. The idea is to dump a load of information on legal research onto this wiki, and then make it available to all members of the library team as a reference tool. Team members will then be able to edit the page to reflect changes in practice, new information, new areas of research, and so on. The page will also be open to restructuring, to (hopefully) then display information in the best way possible.

If any of my readers has any experience of similar projects, I would be interested to hear of their experiences, in particular:

  • How well used the wiki was.
  • How easy it was to encourage this usage.
  • If the wiki was found to be useful by users.
  • If much editing by users took place.

Please use the comments section below if you have anything to add!


3 Responses to “Wikis in the workplace”

  1. tom Says:

    we have one at work and it’s moderately well used. the main problem is making sure its up to date. and providing sensible indexes to the most commonly used content. getting a log of search requests is useful for finding out how people are using it and putting common pages on the front page. really you need to give someone responsibility for maintining and promoting the use of the wiki otehrwise its just a hassle it’ll never get updated and it will never get consulted.

  2. neilstewart Says:

    Yes, I think strong editorial oversight will be important, otherwise it will just degenerate and be of no use to anyone. I doubt the scale of the wiki is likely to be anything like the one you’re working with, though!

  3. lo_fi Says:

    When we introduced our wiki everyone was pretty positive about it. The biggest challenge has been getting people to contribute after the initial ‘excitement’ wore off. I haven’t come up with a solution to this yet.

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